New York City Racing
New York City Racing

Major Events in the New York City area.

NASCAR has the lead in this field  The Sprint Cup Series has had twp events at Pocono for years.  It's an interesting track and they put on a good show there.

Usually in June

There is usually only one race between the two races at Pocono.

After over 20 years away, the IndyCar series has returned to Pocono.  After last year's 400 mile race, this year the event is up to a proper 500 miles and part of IndyCar's triple crown.

Follows the NASCAR races in August.

Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey is a premier location for the NHRA.  Drag racing may not be as glamorous as Formula 1, but as a mechanical endeavor, nothing surpasses it.

If you like cars and horsepower, look no further than the weekend after Memorial Day.  The Top Fuel cars are the summit of Mount Everst.  11000 hp from only 500 cubic inches.  Look like a veteran and bring your own gas mask.

Formula Drift puts on a great show and Wall Stadium is easy to get to.

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